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soadfish's Journal

Your very late you know. Naughty!

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  • Bettws High School - Newport, Wales - Newport (Casnewydd), United Kingdom (2004 present)


*M8s→to die for♥
Photobucket Photobucket

*Long Live Pizza Nights!Photobucket

*Luvin my tunes♪
*Yes that's right I met Padge in the Range! xD
Slipknot-C.I.A-05/12/08!! Was effing amazing! deffo best show i've ever seen!
I've also seen BFMV, A7X and Sonic Syndicate

WWE ALERT!Photobucket Photobucket Fan Since 1998!
November 9th Baby!

*To live is to love♥

*Hating ignorance
*cheese..like ew! (that's me being american 8]nard!)
*jealousy-and how i can sometimes have it
*insecurities-they are such bitches!
*first impressions-they're never how i want them to be..
*Guilt, when people make you feel it undeservingly
*Pressure ♪under pressure

*Missing the days when we were best friends.
Crying over the days when you judged me..
..and then did the same thing that i was judged for.

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